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The process of driving traffic to a web site or page by ensuring that the site remains high on organic or unpaid search engine results page (serp) rankings is called search engine optimization, in short “seo”.

Search engine optimization is not just about making a few code tweaks and stuffing a page full of keywords. Webwinsome’s comprehensive approach for effective seo focuses on the end results, relevant traffic that results in conversions. We are strong believers that seo is a small part of a much larger equation that leads to more sales and customers. Frankly, if your web site isn't able to convert visitors into customers, then.. Search engine optimization may yield more visitors to your web site, but you will not experience any real benefit.

Webwinsome starts by focusing on your needs and goals, and then an in-depth analysis of your current web site to determine where the web site is currently succeeding and where it is failing. Based on our findings, we will make recommendations for a comprehensive strategy to not only increase the traffic to your site but to also increase the number of conversions that result in new sales, new customers and more business.

Once we are confident in the web site's ability to convert incoming traffic appropriately, webwinsome engages in search engine optimization strategies that include careful analysis and implementation in the following areas: in-depth keyword research, website architecture, code validation, url structure, on-site/on-page optimization, and off-site tactics.

Keyword analysis

Keyword research will form the basis of all the other strategies and will define the best terms to target for each web page. Effective keyword research ensures that we are targeting the most effective keyword phrases by analyzing how many people are searching for a specific phrase, how relevant a phrase is to your business and the content on your website as well as how difficult it is to get ranked in the top 10 results on google for a specific phrase.

Site architecture, good code & url structure

We architect dynamic web sites to be search engine friendly through the use of best practices in coding and usability. We write structures that are easy for search engines to crawl and url structures that search engines like and are easy for people to read. Then, we incorporate great usability that is not only good for your users but good for seo too. To top it off, webwinsome's proprietary content management system allows for easy ongoing optimization.

Optimizing, content editing & writing

Writing for seo is very different than writing a brochure or an article. At webwinsome, we strike a balance between creative writing that resonates with your brand and fundamental seo writing tactics. We make sure to use the keyword phrases that will get your pages ranked, and copy that appeals to your visitors.

Off-site strategies & link building

Search engines are interested in providing the most relevant, high quality content related to a users search possible. Because of this the search engines are not only interested in what your web site has to say but looks at how important your web site is and what other web sites say you are all about in the greater context of the web. This means, that anything you do in regards to seo on your site is only half the battle. Becoming important and relevant to search engines means that many other high quality, relevant web sites need to be linking to you. Webwinsome understands how to reach out and get these links on sites that will increase your relevance. We use a combination of methods to do this and only target high quality links. We do not engage in any ffa links or link exchange programs. In addition, we can help start building social networking strategies that help to propel link-building with the right audiences to continue on long term.

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