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An animated explainer video can help you create high-impact messages and engage your audience in ways no other medium can.

Explainers animate your marketing messages!

Animated explainers or “cartoon explainers” are those cute short video clips you see on company websites that tell you what particular companies do well. Explainer videos are a great tool for enhancing your brand, building audience engagement, and converting prospects into customers.

Harnessing the power of cartoons for your explainer video can help you create high-impact messages that speak to visitors (prospects) in ways virtually no other marketing medium can. Why? Because:

1. You’re communicating via a channel they’re conditioned to associate with fun and childhood (and most definitely not business and sales)—so their guard is down and they’re massively more receptive.
2. The added level of abstraction allows them to focus on the message rather than petty details, so they can actually evaluate the real benefit.
If you’d like your audience to take note of what you have to say, there are few better ways than creating a cartoon to convey your message!

How long should your explainer video be?

YouTube research shows that the average viewer’s attention span is 63 seconds. This is the time you have to get your message across—and the first 7 seconds are the most crucial! That’s when you have to convince your viewers to actually continue watching.

How to Create an Awesome Explainer Video To create a short, punchy animated video, you only need two things:
1. A compelling short story about the product or service—this serves as our animation script.
2. Turn this story into an awesome animated video clip using our Scribing Tool!

The Process

Step 1: Writing The Script

The content and the story is arguably the most important part of your whiteboard animation video. You can provide the script and let us give you our experienced feedback or we can pair your message with our scribing expert who can structure, clarify, and flesh it out for maximum impact.

Step 2: Scribing The Sketches

Once we have your final script, we will use our understanding of business, marketing, and communicating ideas to develop sketches that will support your message. We look for the best images, metaphors to create hundreds of simple scenes that are relevant to every line of your story.

Step 3: Recording The Audio

While we develop the images, the audio is created. The less-than-perfect drawing of this whiteboard animation type can pair really well with real people delivering the message. In those cases we can advise you on recording the voice over. For those messages that pair better with a professional voice, well we will recommend you to do so by an expert or set a instrumental from our huge collection of instrumentals.

Step 4: Sorting Logo and Credits

While in editing we will design the introduction to your message and the credits or contact details at the end. Giving some screen space for your logo and branding but making sure we start the movement and get people into the message right away.

Step 5: Launching Your Incredible Animated Video

At the end animation video is ready to be set free, in any video file type you need. We edit everything in FULL 1080p HD for the big screen and provide you a master copy for you to compress as you need down the road. We can also provide other compressions for web, USB, or DVD – whatever you need.

Step 0: First You Need To Call Us

Obviously none of this happens without you and your message. We’re open to talk, discuss and fun to work with and after a quick conversation we’ll be able to quote you on the project. you can’t get a real feel for the people you’ll be working with if you don’t call.

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